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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I start a Capable Moms Club? What steps do I need to take?

The first step is to register your chapter. (It is only $49 for the year and it includes the leader's membership fee, so really you start your chapter for FREE. When you register a chapter, you receive a Capable Moms Club handbook. The handbook will guide you in getting your chapter started.

How do I find members for my chapter?

First of all, mom's are everywhere so it is easy to find members. Moms like you are seeking a support group where they can care, share and dare to be better moms.

We also recommend that you use MeetUp, social online moms groups, community bulletin boards, church bulletins to get the word out. The Capable Moms Club manual also has a press release that is easy to submit to your local and community newspapers.

Am I on my own once I register a chapter?

No, definitely not! The whole point of Capable Moms Club is to end isolation for moms and bring them together in fun, educational and inspiring ways. When you register a chapter you will have books, videos and coaching calls to rely on. All Mom leaders are volunteers with enormous hearts who usually have mom friends to help them. Capable Moms Club is the perfect vehicle to take you to a world of new friends who truly understand you and what you are going through. Being a mom can sometimes feel as though you are in a storm, and as the song says that I learned when I was young, "When you walk through a storm, you should never walk alone."

What types of activities are suggested for a new chapter?

Start off with simple activities for the first month.

An Open House to announce your new chapter and a casual park day are a great beginning. Add in a local get together or field trip someplace fun or a MOMS Night Out, and you have a wonderful first month calendar. As your chapter grows, you can add other activities like playgroups, lunch bunch, cooking club, mom's working out together, mom and kids yoga, scrap booking, book clubs, bible studies and other interesting and fun activities as other members join and help organize them. The activity groups you can add are unlimited. Let your membership know the kinds of things they can help start through your chapter and then as they join, enlist their help in starting the new, broader activities. The more moms who are involved in actively planning your chapter's activities, the happier and more successful your chapter will be. If moms are anything, they are creative!

How much of a time commitment is required to start a chapter?

To get the chapter started, you will need time to have the first meeting and set the initial calendar. After you get started, the Chapter Founder will become the President. As President, you get to choose the Executive Board members, who will aid you. These four people will assist you in guiding and building the chapter, but the whole membership should help plan and execute the chapter's plans. The amount of time required is up to you. If you can delegate to your board and other members, the President’s job is mainly supervising others.

How much money is required to start a chapter?

Initially there is the $49 registration fee to Capable Moms Club. There are also some other start-up costs like copies, postage and possibly room rentals. If you keep your receipts, your club treasury will reimburse you once you have dues-paying members.

How much money is required to become a member?

Members pay $5 a month, or if they pay upfront they save $10 and only pay $50 for the year.

How does Capable Moms Club help me advertise my chapter and events?

Capables Moms Club partners with the TROVA Womens Directory which donates over $1,000 worth of online advertising for each leader location. All leaders will receive an online mini-website for every Capable Moms leader, AND all Capable Moms Club events can be posted for Free as well.

In addition, each Capable Mom's Club leader and member will receive there own page on the Capable Moms' Online Confidence Club, a wonderful social community for moms and parenting experts.

What do I get when I become a Capable Moms Club member?

  • For their $5 membership fee each month, each mom receives a parenting, relationships or personality education E-book worth $12 to $150 every month. Yes, I said every month!
  • All Capable Moms Club members will have access to a parenting training call once a month with Dawn Billings, parenting and entitlement expert. Dawn is a professional counselor and was in private practice for over 15 years helping families, couples and individuals. These training calls are valued at $250 each. The calls are interactive so that you can ask Dawn's help regarding specific issues you are dealing with. Again, yes I said every month!
  • Capable Moms Club members also receive access to the patent-pending parenting training and articles by Dawn Billings.
  • Each Capable Mom's Club member will also receive a $50 discount toward the purchase of each CAPABLES Parenting System. The system comes with over $1,200 worth of training, e-books, and step-by-step Parenting Guide, but Dawn set the total price of this amazing system to be only $199. So each Capable Mom's Club member pays the discounted price of only $149.
  • You make the most extraordinary friends and develop the most wonderful moms support system.

What do Capables Mom Club leaders and members do to give back to the community in which they live?

Each chapter can support any effort to benefit the lives of women and children, however, as a whole, Capable Moms Club will join with other moms in the community to support Heart to Heart Moms, a charity dedicated to helping mothers of seriously ill children. Each year the Monday after mother's day, the Capable Moms volunteers will make baskets (or sacks) of goodies, books, treats, etc. and deliever them to the hospital of their choice for the mothers of seriously ill children to be encouraged, remembers and supported. To learn more about Heart to Heart Moms visit the website HERE

How much are the local dues, and what are dues used for?

Each local chapter sets their dues. Typically, dues are between $20-50 per year. You know your community. Each chapter is going to focus on different kinds of experiences and opportunities. Dues will be decided by the leadership and members according the each chapters needs. The Corporate office does not control, or receive any chapter dues. All monies collected for dues are used for the benefit of each chapter's members.

If you have more questions, please ask us at:

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